COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

Psychotherapy for many people, especially children and teens, is more effective in person. For patients who either have clinical issues that are best discussed face-to-face or simply are looking to talk without a screen between us, here are the measures that I take to keep us all safe.

  1. Two air purifiers, both with a HEPA filter and an ultraviolet light built in, are run during all sessions and for an hour after.
  2. All patient chairs are thoroughly cleaned between patients.
  3. I keep a separate set of white board markers for me and my patients. When a patient uses a marker, it is placed in a plastic bin so I know to clean it before the next patient uses it.
  4. I have had my 2nd COVID-19 vaccination
  5. There is no cancellation charge for appointments missed due to not feeling well.
If you have any questions about COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures, please click here.