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Are you motivated?

One of the most important factors in a teen’s success at school is motivation – the desire to do something. When motivated deadlines are doable, work is done quicker, and procrastination is less of a problem.

Challenges to motivation are rampant in the lives of children today. When they watch TV, more specifically the news, they are inundated with a wide range of negative stories.

There is pressure to get high marks so that they can get into elite post-secondary programs. Meanwhile, kids are enrolled in so many after-school programs they have no time to rest.

A student who struggles at school and is told by authority figures that in order to be successful they need to get A’s will lose their motivation. The lack of time to just relax can turn an activity that used to be fun into one that they no longer want to attend. And when they are forced or need to do something that they lack the motivation to do can result anxiety and depression.

One way to increase motivation is to listen to your child and get a sense of their mindset. Always ask them and yourself:

  • Are they too busy?
  • Are they struggling with a learning disability and are being told to try harder?
  • Are they being bullied at school?

Maybe they are just too tired because they are using their smart phone until 2 am every night and then have no energy for other activities.

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