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Feel Better: Everyday Guided Relaxation

Learn more about how your mind and body can work together to provide you and your family with relaxation and peace of mind!

The purpose of this exercise is to help your mind and body experience and find relaxation together. We are often well aware of how we feel physically when we are upset about something – a stomach ache or trouble breathing when we are stressed – but it is harder for us to connect the physical feeling of being relaxed with mental relaxation.

The natural world is a great place to find relaxation

So sit back and relax. As you go through this exercise, you will still experience thoughts. That is not just ok but completely normal. When that happens, simply return your attention from your thought to whichever part of the body you are focusing on. Make sure you continue nice easy breathing. If you find yourself losing focus, just try to focus again. Its recommended to be in a quiet and dark room if possible. At the end, you will be guided back to full alertness and hopefully feel refreshed! If you are interested in a relaxation exercise to do at bedtime or when you have more time, click here. The difference at the end, where you will be provided sounds from nature to help you continue your feeling of peace.

If you want to do this exercise and continue enjoying the relaxation, a longer version can be found here.

An important part of my practice is to help people find ways to connect their mental health to their physical health, and mindfulness exercises are a great way to do it. I have recorded a video discussing this too if you are looking for more information.

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