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Here’s How To Be Motivated

Even wonder what motivation is? Or why you don’t have it? Or simply how to get it once its lost? How to be motivated may be easier to understand than you expected.

My definition of motivation basically has two elements to it:

  1. Understanding the reason that you are doing something.
  2. Agreeing that what is in #1 makes sense and is good enough.

Motivation To …

If you are an adult, then you likely have a job. Chances are, you are ok with your job and at the same time would stop if you could. Why is that? I think it is because of motivation. Most people work to make money. If their pay cheque is good enough, then they are motivated to keep working. If their working conditions aren’t too bad, then they show up to their job.

What if you think your salary is not what you deserve? Or your workplace is not good for you? In that case, even though you understand why you are there (to get paid) you might not be motivated. The result: you look for another job. Or at least don’t try hard in your current one.

That is how the two part of motivation are linked: understanding of something and buying into it. We can look at it another way too. Let’s say you are really motivated to go to work. You think your pay is great … until you find out the person next to you gets double for the same role. And you’re better at it! Now, the second part of motivation has evaporated … and your motivation has gone with it.

Consequences of Low Motivation

If you are an employer, then this article is a must read: How Lack of Motivation is Killing Your Company. If a student isn’t motivated, then their grades will often drop. This can lead to depression, too much time online, and sleep problems. Low motivation will lower your happiness and overall quality of life … but there’s hope!

How To Be Motivated

As a start, understanding the reason you are doing something can help. If you are new to the workforce, is your priority cash or experience? If your pay isn’t what you think you deserve, could the experience be work it? I’ve heard tons of students question what they are taught in school. And let’s face it: most of us will never build a bridge! So why learn math then? Maybe the reason is to give yourself options for when you are done high school. Maybe the reason your child needs English and literacy skills is really so they can read the instructions for their video game.

One final point: part of motivation is learning what motivates you. Better understanding yourself can help you to find things to do that will improve your motivation. And being more motivated will probably help you to be more successful!

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