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Is Therapy Hard?

One question that I am often asked is if therapy is hard. The answer is that it can be and that the potential benefits often are worth it. Some people come to see me to help them with time management while others are trying to process abuse. Some people have developmental conditions that impact their daily lives while others are experiencing an especially difficult period in their lives.

Going to see a therapist can involve talking about deeply personal thoughts and feelings which can be draining. What I find amazing is the number of clients who tell me that after they given a safe and empathetic environment in which to talk about their problems they feel better. One benefit of therapy is just having a trained and objective person to talk to. Sometimes there are things that bother us and we just need to get it out. The confidentiality that exists in a therapeutic relationship can be very comforting and protective.

Another is the ability to focus on specific goals that can improve mental health. Just as we will talk to colleagues in our professional lives to help determine areas that we should focus on, having a mental health professional work with us to prioritize our emotional goals can be very effective.

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