Teens Feel & Perform Better When Engaging In Martial Arts

Picture this: you are a teenage martial artist and about to spar/grapple against another student in your MMA class. Or you are a child in a Karate or Taekwondo class set to spar for the first time. You’re in your position … they are too. Then, you hear it: GO! You and your opponent move forwards and then ….

Now, let’s say on that same day you did not do so well on a test. Do you think you’ll have time to think about it while taking on your opponent? Will you have the mental freedom to worry about a presentation tomorrow while your opponent is working you into a choke hold … or you are trying to do to them?

Martial Arts Conquers Anxiety

Chances are you will be so focused on the match that your other worries will be pushed to the side. This is why martial arts is such a great mental health activity: it is difficult to think about your life problems while physically engaged in grappling or sparring.

Many children are having a hard time in school today as they try to succeed and meet the expectations on their shoulders. These expectations can be from themselves, parents, teachers, friends, or the college they want to attend after graduation. This pressure is increased when they look at their peers and see themselves are falling short.

For teenagers and children who have developmental and mental health challenges, school pressures are even more intense. While they are encouraged to be their unique selves, they are also essentially put in the same box at school. The unfortunate results:  anxiety and self-doubt.

Therefore, it is crucial to find ways to give students of all ages a way for them to feel successful. Martial arts is one of these and can be amazing for them! There are several different types of martial arts styles including Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, MMA, and Jiu Jitsu. All these martial arts can help children develop and master self-control. Martial arts training can also assist in managing behaviours and reactions to problems.

Processing Emotions = Healthier Lives

We all have emotions, and it is how we deal with them that is critical. Whether it is frustration, anger, or embarrassment, martial arts is a great way to learn self-control, body control, and discipline. For school, the spillover can be improvement in many areas such as classroom conduct, grades, and better peer interactions.

Martial arts are a productive and beneficial to control your thoughts and find a therapeutic way to process your feelings, especially for the youth. There are psychological benefits of martial arts are clear. When we learn to have an open mindset on life’s challenges, we are setting ourselves up for success!

Dojos in Vaughan

In Vaughan and the surrounding areas, there are lots of options for martial arts clubs. To help you get started, here are some links. I recommend that you call first and ask about their focus and acceptance of mental health challenges before signing up!


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