Practicum: Amazing Benefits For Everyone!

What is a Practicum?

In many healthcare professions, an internship or practicum is the most important part of a student’s formal education.

Yorkville University does a great job of describing the purpose of a practicum which is:

The primary focus of the MACP practicum is to develop basic entry-level counselling skills within the traditional 50-minute counselling session (talk therapy) while also learning to appropriately apply psychological theory.”

Benefit To Patients

A practicum student has learned the most current and evidence-based techniques needed for a psychotherapist. Their addition to the Clinic adds to our diversity and offers patients fresh approaches to psychotherapy.

Supervision of students is provided by Kevin Greene, who meets the requirements of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario to be a Clinical Supervisor.

Benefit to Clinics

Because students are new in the field, their services are often offered at a reduced rate. Sliding scale service can now be offered at our Clinic for families and patients who are in need. All requests are handles with compassion and strict confidentiality.

Benefit to Students

As all students need a placement to graduate, this is a critical part of their professional journey. A placement at Health & Happiness: Counselling and Wellness is unique. We are laser-focused on patient needs and adapt ourselves to our patients. Our focus is on younger people and developmental conditions for which it can be hard to find support.

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