Mental Health Child Counselling Services in Vaughan

Health & Happiness Counselling and Wellness is proud to offer youth counselling, child & teen therapy, parental coaching & support in Vaughan

Counselling Services

Receiving a diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming, both for parents and their children. It is important to understand that there are ways to cope. 

There are many people with these diagnoses who are successful in their adult lives, and starting counselling early is an excellent way to manage feelings and behaviours.

Child, Teen, and Young Adult Therapy

Child, Teen, and Young Adult Therapy focuses on helping children, teens, and young adults understand and cope with the different causes of mental health problems, such as:

  • School Anxiety Therapy
  • COVID-19 Anxiety Therapy
  • Depression Therapy
  • ADHD & ADD Therapy
  • Online Dependency Therapy
  • Video Game Dependency Therapy
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder Therapy
  • Divorce Therapy
  • Bullying (online and in-person) Therapy
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder / Asperger’s Therapy
  • Other mental health challenges

Parental Coaching and Support

Trying to support a child can be overwhelming for parents. Parental Coaching and Support can help you:

  • Better understand your child’s unique situation
  • Develop the unique parenting strategies that your child may need
  • Learn and get support to effectively navigate the school system to ensure your child is getting the support they are entitled to
  • Deal with the mental health challenges that parents often experience when their child is struggling
  • Ages 4-14 typically

Kevin's Therapeutic Approach

Therapy works best when the client can find value in the approach being used. The primary therapeutic method that we use is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT works by focusing on how thoughts, emotions, and behaviours influence each other. While we may feel that our thoughts are “real,” often we will think things that are not supported by any evidence. A teenager could think that nobody likes him, and when he sees a friend walking past his house without greeting him he could react in anger. But did his friend even know he was there?

Other approaches that we employ include Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), Mindfulness and others. Supporting all of these approaches is Active Listening – making my focus the client and what they are communicating. We firmly believe that any solutions to a client’s challenges can be found within the client, and the best way to bring this out is by actively listening.

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COVID-19 Protocols

Psychotherapy for many people, especially children and teens, is more effective in person.

For patients who either have clinical issues that are best discussed face-to-face or simply are looking to talk without a screen between us, click the link below to see the measures I take to keep us all safe.