Counselling and Therapy for Teens and Young Adults

We help your teen develop healthy coping skills, understand their emotions, and live with more confidence.

How Teen Counselling and Therapy Can Help

Teens and young adults are experiencing unique challenges that require new ways to cope. Daily life, and the obstacles that come with it, can be difficult for teens and young adults to handle on their own.

Health & Happiness: Counselling and Wellness offers therapy and counselling tailored for teens and young adults struggling with mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, online/video game dependency, bullying, and more. 

Because our clinic and therapists focus on teens, we’re able to help teens and young adults find ways to better manage their mental health, setting them up for success in their adult life. 

Counselling for teens and young adults is available. If you or your teenager need help, schedule your free consultation now.


Health & Happiness: Counselling and Wellness offers counselling services in Vaughan for teens and young adults.

Teen & Adolescent psychotherapy can help with:

School Anxiety Counselling

COVID-19 Anxiety Counselling

Depression Counselling

ADHD & ADD Counselling

Online Dependency Counselling

Video Game Dependency Counselling

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Counselling

Divorce Counselling

Internet Bullying Counselling

In-person Bullying Counselling

Anger Management Counselling

Other Mental Health Challenges

Teenage boy at meeting with female professional doctor psychologist

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